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Services provided by Container Testing Solutions

Our knowledge base allows us to provide new replacement/repair/spare parts including commercial items for all of the Borden/Alcoa air tester families. Experience and expertise developed over the years allows us to identify, translate, and converts all of the old Borden part numbers to the later version of the current electronic part number data base.

By using modern engineering tools, we redesign old obsolete or hard to replace parts with modern alternatives resulting in increased part integrity and performance. These same tools are used to develop and design new change parts required for new or different applications of the Borden/Alcoa testers. Our can tester experience gives us the means to properly interpret and understand the standards used by the OEM for parts design and manufacturing. This is especially useful in the development of our rebuild programs and upgrade kits.

Our parts supply chain is supported by local world class manufacturing teams, using modern state of the art machine tools and processes. The application of these modern CAD/CAM tools allows us to manufacture parts guaranteed to be within the OEM specifications and standards. This provides customer confidence knowing that the parts are correct the first time, will fit the application, and will perform as expected.

A large part of our business is providing new testers, or rebuilt machinery that has been refurbished and tooled for current production requirements. Our tester build team has over 100 years of combined can tester experience including engineering, assembly, and field service. Our rebuilt or new testers are assembled, checked and verified to the original assembly specifications used by the OEM.

Another part of our business is to assist our customers in getting their can testers back to the original Boren/Alcoa build and design standards. Over the years, secondary suppliers have emerged supporting the testers with repair parts and rebuilding resources. While this activity has served a purpose, many tester users are now running machines with parts that were not manufactured to the original specification for form, fit, and function. This has caused spare parts in plant inventories to be discovered as non-interchangeable with OEM parts. Most of the parts supplied by secondary suppliers are derived by reverse engineering practices, resulting in parts that are manufactured, packaged, and represented in a way designed to take the place of OEM parts. Non OEM parts may be less expensive up front, but due to the fact they are not manufactured to OEM specifications they do not provide value over time because they may lead to possible mechanical problems and system breakdowns.